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One of the most popular company forms in Finland is Private Limited Company – Osakeyhtiö or Oy in Finnish


is corporate income tax (CIT) rate in Finland


is personal income tax (PIT) rate in Finland


is Value Added Tax (VAT) rate in Finland

Step by Step Description

Step 1. Initial Setup:

  • Initiating a preliminary project assessment
  • Preparation and filing of the package of documents

Step 2. Company registration:

  • Choosing and reserving a company name with the Finnish Trade Register at Finnish Patent and Registration Office
  • Preparation of the company’s founding documents
  • Opening a bank account for the company (it is activated when the company is registered in the Finnish Trade Register)
  • Registration of the company with the Finnish Trade Register
  • Obtaining the Certificate of incorporation, Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Registration for tax and social security purposes

We also can help with:

  • Company secretarial services
  • Opening bank accounts
  • Preparing apostilled documents
  • Further legal support

Requirements for a Oy in Finland

Before deciding to set up a new company in Finland, read the information below to understand the characteristics of a Osakeyhtiö:

The type of company is a Osakeyhtiö or Oy (LLC).

Number of directors/shareholders – minimum of 1 board director and 1 deputy/ 1 shareholder.

Company secretary – no requirements.

Number of employees – unlimited.

Share capital – no requirements; it is recommended to have at least €2,500.

Liability – the liability of shareholders is restricted to the amount of their investments.

Accounting – financial statements (profit and loss account, balance sheet and notes to the accounts) should be filed with the Trade Register annually.

Document requirements:

Taxation in Finland:

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