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The peculiarity of our client service is that Ganna Voievodina, our CEO communicates with each client at the first stage of work. During this initial interaction, she will personally engage with the client to understand their specific needs, concerns, and objectives.

Scope of Work

After preliminary analysis we collaboratively define the scope of work, determining the specific tasks and objectives that will contribute to the client’s business growth. This involves detailed planning, KPI identification, and establishing a clear project roadmap, cost of our services.

Contract -> Work

When both sides are ready, we go to the creation of the contract, which outlines the terms and conditions, including project timelines, payment schedules, and any other relevant details. Once the contract is in place and signed, the work begins. We always support ongoing communication, complete project management, and deliver high-quality services or products.

Singapore is set to implement stricter regulations for cryptocurrency service providers, as confirmed by the city-state's financial authority

What did we miss? We recently published an article “Overview of regulatory requirements for cryptocurrency companies in the U.S.” where, among other things, we touched on the legal uncertainty and regulatory risks associated with providing cryptocurrency services to US citizens, as on Tuesday 21 November 2023, the global crypto community was shocked by epochal news…

Discussing the plan of making a deal of sell-purchase of real estate you must consider next steps.

By following these outlined steps and collaborating closely with UAB Manimama Exchange, the investor can seamlessly leverage cryptocurrency for the purchase of real estate while navigating the necessary legal and compliance processes. photo source

This is relevant even when we are talking about the main locomotive of the cryptocurrency market, which is BTC. Compared to this, smaller coins, which number in the hundreds on cryptocurrency exchanges, show even lower predictability. However, this does not repel, and often even attracts gold-seeking traders. It is such cryptocurrencies that are able to…

The meaning of IT Park in Uzbekistan In July 2019, the first IT Park was opened in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.  IT Park is a complex of facilities, buildings and structures designed to launch and bring to market prospective startup projects, an extraterritorial free economic zone for IT companies, including integration with research and educational institutions.  According…

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Ganna Voievodina

CEO, co-founder

Vasyl Ponomarov

CBDO, co-founder

Iryna Starodub


Oleksandra Prudius

Senior lawyer

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