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Tokenization stands poised to revolutionize the landscape of asset ownership and investment, heralding a pivotal moment in its widespread adoption. This innovative technology has the potential to completely overhaul traditional investment and ownership structures by slashing transaction costs, fostering transparency, and injecting greater liquidity into the market. By democratizing access to investment opportunities, we are not just redefining our understanding of property, commodities, and worth, but fundamentally transforming how we engage with these vital pillars of economic systems. The tokenization of tangible assets isn’t a distant vision; it’s unfolding in the present moment. This paradigm shift is laying the groundwork for a financial ecosystem where digital tokens serve as proxies for real-world assets, democratizing access not only for elite or institutional investors, but for the general public as well.

Our Tokenization Services

Manimama is recognized specialist in the sphere of tokenization. We have vast range of solutions tailored to any business on the white-glove basis. Our expertize in asset tokenization includes:


Luxury Units Tokenization

Discover how luxuries tokenization is revolutionizing asset ownership and creating new liquidity options.


Real Estate Tokenization

Unlock global real estate opportunities and diversify your portfolio with ease, thanks to tokenization.


Security Token Issuance

Dive in the world of tokens. Learn more about security tokens, their issuance rules, regulations and how to monetize this knowledge.


Tokenization of Vehicles

Could your car become a revenue-generating asset? Learn how tokenization is transforming car ownership.


Utility Token Issuance

Learn more about of the nature of utility token, its usage in business and how to convert technology into prosper venture.

Key Numbers about Tokenization

$10,9 trillion

Potential value of the tokenized asset market by 2030

$1 billion

value of tokenized gold across the world in 2024

up to 10%

of global GDP in 2027 will be tokenized assets


potential reduction in real estate transaction costs that tokenization could facilitate


the potential increase in art market liquidity with tokenization


growth of tokenized treasury products in in 2023

What Can You Get with Tokenization?

Increased Liquidity

Tokenization can make traditionally illiquid assets, such as real estate or artwork, more easily tradable. By representing these assets as tokens on a blockchain, they can be bought and sold on digital exchanges, often 24/7. This opens up new investment opportunities and can improve price discovery.

  • Tradability on Exchanges: tokenizing an asset allows it to be listed on digital exchanges, which often operate 24/7. This provides a wider market for buying and selling the asset, compared to traditional markets that may have limited operating hours or geographical restrictions.
  • Fractionalization: by dividing an asset into smaller tokens, tokenization allows investors to buy and sell smaller portions. This attracts a larger pool of potential buyers and sellers, increasing the overall trading activity and thus, liquidity.
  • Reduced Barriers to Entry: with fractional ownership, the minimum investment amount for traditionally illiquid assets is lowered. This broadens the investor base, leading to increased demand and potential for faster trade.

Global Reach

Blockchain-based tokenization eliminates geographical barriers. Investors from around the world can access tokenized assets through online marketplaces, creating a larger pool of potential buyers and sellers and broadening the investment landscape.

  • Reduced Frictions in Cross-Border Transactions: tokenization can minimize the complexities of cross-border investments. Regulations across jurisdictions, currency conversions, and settlement delays are traditional hurdles. Tokenization creates a more unified global marketplace, easing these pain points.
  • Diversification Opportunities: global reach through tokenization enables investors to diversify their portfolios with assets from different markets and industries. Investors may be able to tap into unique real estate opportunities in other countries, access rare collectibles from around the world, or participate in startups located across multiple continents.
  • Borderless Transactions: the decentralized nature of blockchain technology and tokenization platforms eliminates geographical barriers. Investors worldwide can potentially participate in tokenized asset markets, increasing a project’s exposure to capital and broadening the investor base.

Efficiency and Cost Reduction

Tokenization can streamline transactions by automating processes through smart contracts. This reduces the need for intermediaries, such as brokers or notaries, potentially leading to faster settlement times and lower fees.

  • Automation through Smart Contracts: smart contracts can streamline many processes within tokenization. They can automatically execute transactions, enforce ownership rules, distribute dividends, and more. This minimizes the need for manual intervention by intermediaries, reducing administrative overhead and potential errors.
  • Elimination of Intermediaries: tokenization can create more direct connections between buyers and sellers. Traditional transactions often involve various intermediaries like brokers, lawyers, and escrow services. Tokenization can minimize or eliminate the need for these intermediaries, resulting in lower fees and faster settlement times.
  • Simplified Compliance: smart contracts can embed regulatory compliance rules directly into tokens. This automates compliance checks and reduces the administrative burden for both issuers and investors.

Enhanced Security

Blockchain technology, often used with tokenization, provides a secure and tamper-proof record of ownership and transactions. This reduces the risk of fraud and increases the overall security of the asset.

  • Cryptographic Protection: token ownership and transactions are secured using advanced cryptography. This makes it extremely difficult for hackers or malicious actors to intercept or modify data on the blockchain.
  • Decentralized Structure: unlike traditional databases, blockchains are distributed across a network of computers. This eliminates single points of failure, making it much harder for a single entity to compromise the system and alter records.
  • Auditability: each transaction on the blockchain creates a permanent, timestamped record. This provides a transparent and easily auditable trail for ownership history and asset movements, making fraudulent activity much easier to detect and deter.

Legal Opinion about Tokenization

Ganna Voievodina

Manimama, CEO

“Tokenization isn’t just about convenience; it’s about establishing a foundation of trust. With the power of blockchain technology, every transaction, every change in ownership is meticulously recorded. This creates an unchangeable audit trail, fostering transparency and accountability while protecting your business interests and providing investors with peace of mind”.

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