Burvix Traders: Progress in the First Half of 2024

Three months have passed since the last publication about the Burvix Traders trading platform. We are continuously evolving, integrating new features, enhancing security, and improving the user experience.

In this update, we will review the major changes in our project recently and share our plans for the near future.

Our list of exchanges available for client trading has significantly expanded. Previously, most clients traded on Binance, but not everyone trusts this platform. Now, we also offer trading on OKEx. Additionally, we have improved connections with WhiteBIT and Kuna. Connections with these exchanges are now established not only through REST API but also via WebSockets. This allows for a stable connection between the bot and the exchange, enabling instant reactions to every executed order. As a result, the stability of our bots on these exchanges has increased, and we can confidently offer trading on these platforms if they are more convenient for our clients.

However, before choosing one of the alternative exchanges over Binance, it is essential to consider the fees they charge. Typically, fees on these exchanges are higher, so this should be considered an additional cost factor.

For the convenience of our clients in paying invoices, we have integrated the Kuna PAY service. From now on, clients can pay the commission for Burvix Traders services by scanning a QR code that provides the wallet address for invoice payment. Once the payment is made for the amount specified in the invoice, the confirmation will be automatic, the bot will continue its work, and the payment status will update to “completed.”

However, for our clients’ convenience, we are open to considering alternative payment methods. If you have preferences for another payment method, please contact our support team via our Telegram channel, and we will find a solution that works for everyone.

Additionally, the platform now includes the ability to export the history of all orders executed by our bot in *.csv format. Users can separate the transactions they made manually, visible through the exchange interface, from those executed by our bot. This feature will eliminate any confusion when calculating P&L during invoice periods.

The platform itself will soon undergo significant changes in design and usability. Teams are actively working on these tasks, and we can confidently say that in the coming months, it will become not only more functional but also significantly more attractive and user-friendly. These changes will apply to both desktop and mobile versions of the site.

Additionally, as is well-known, certain paragraphs of the Markets in Crypto-Assets (MiCA) regulation came into effect recently in June. We are closely monitoring the changes occurring on exchanges to ensure compliance with the updated regulatory framework. Should there be any changes that could potentially impact the stable operation of the bots or fundamental reasons for token price fluctuations, we promptly make the necessary adjustments to our processes. This enables us to remain flexible and maintain the stable operation of our products under any conditions.

The internal operation of the bots has become even more stable in recent times. We have added functionality for simultaneous recovery of all bots in case of critical errors on the virtual server’s side. Although such errors or issues have not occurred during our entire operation, we are now prepared for them. In the event of a “black swan” scenario affecting server stability, our bots will be able to quickly resume their activities, ensuring uninterrupted operation and protecting our clients’ investments.

Also, this spring, we launched our official YouTube channel Burvix Traders. Currently, the content is available only in Ukrainian. On the channel, you can find videos about the platform’s functionality and user assistance in creating API keys, granting appropriate permissions on exchanges, and connecting them to the platform.

We continue to develop and grow alongside the Burvix.io platform and our bots. The number of clients is increasing, which necessitates additional measures to ensure system stability. In addition to improving the platform’s design, we plan to add more functionality for bot management. The list of our strategies is also expanding, aimed at both stablecoin accumulation and cryptocurrency accumulation, depending on client preferences. This is just a small portion of what we plan to implement in the near future.

Stay tuned for our news and publications, as there are many exciting developments ahead!

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