Updated Burvix Traders: What our platform offers

After two months since the publication of our last material about our trading product, Burvix Traders, continues to actively evolve and improve.

Along with the increasing functionality, the quality of our platform also grows, deserving special attention and detailed review.

About the bot 

As mentioned in our previous material, our traders have over 20 years of experience working on various financial exchanges. During this time, they have gained significant experience and developed their own approaches to trading. With the emergence and development of the cryptocurrency industry, they spent several years adapting their algorithms to the new markets, transitioning from manual to automated trading mode. This process took three years, but as a result, we have achieved the current level of stability and profitability.

A major focus of our work is stability. Therefore, our bots operate on the Microsoft Azure service, and our team of system administrators constantly monitors their uninterrupted operation 24 hours a day. Although failures beyond our control can occur, we have implemented an automatic bot restart function so that clients can be assured that their bots are operating in the markets seamlessly.

Another feature of our work is that the connection to a client’s exchange account is made via API. We do not require withdrawal permissions for trading, only permission to trade on the spot market. Therefore, the user can always be confident that their funds are safe and that no one except themselves has direct access to them.

About strategies

In our practice of using algorithmic trading, we pay special attention to developing strategies that ensure stable and profitable results in cryptocurrency markets. Since these markets are relatively young, the application of traditional analysis methods is not always effective. Technical indicators in our bot’s work are used solely as auxiliary tools for analyzing the number of iterations in a session. Instead, we actively utilize algorithms that have been developed and refined over the years.

The first step in developing strategies is conducting fundamental analysis of each token and considering its volatility and stability. The next stage involves simulating various trading strategies with different parameters using the Monte Carlo method. This quantitative approach allows us to find combinations of parameters that lead to the most optimal results.

The obtained basic settings undergo additional simulations using a genetic algorithm, which incrementally improves the efficiency of the strategy. For each token, we select individual parameters taking into account its characteristics and market conditions.

Our main criterion is the strategy’s effectiveness over a yearly range under any market conditions. To achieve this, we use testing with identical starting indicators for both long and short positions. This approach ensures the stability and profitability of our strategies in different market conditions.

It is worth noting that our strategies do not use high-risk instruments, as we operate exclusively in spot markets, avoiding the risk associated with derivatives. This means that our work does not involve liquidation points and other features characteristic of high-risk instruments. Preserving the funds of our clients is our priority.

About the user dashboard

Our platform, Burvix.io, has become a key intermediary in the use of Burvix Traders bots for our users. It first appeared in January 2024 and has since undergone significant changes aimed at improving convenience and clarity. Registration on the platform is done using a Google account, after which a new bot can be connected by specifying the necessary settings.

For confidence in choosing a trading pair or setting up API keys, our experts are ready to provide consultations through the support service. However, detailed information about the permissions required for API keys and connection instructions can also be found in the relevant section of the website. After launching the bots, users can easily track their activity through various sections of the platform.

The “P’n’L” page shows the statistics of bot activity, the “Assets” section displays free assets on the client’s exchange balance, “Orders” provides the transaction history, and “Payments” shows the user’s payment history. Additionally, the “Notifications” section contains all messages sent within the dashboard.

We are constantly expanding the functionality of the platform. For example, we are currently working on creating a “Knowledge Base” section that will contain all the information about the operation of bots and the platform for the convenience of users.

About the conditions

We employ a results-oriented model to ensure that our clients pay only for the actual benefits received. Under this model, you pay only a portion of the profit generated by our bot during your trading activity. Our commission rate is 30% to best reflect this approach. We accept payment in the USDT stablecoin to provide you with convenience and simplicity in payment.

Special attention should be paid to our referral program. If a new user of our bot registers through your referral link, you will receive 10% of the total amount of all their paid invoices throughout the entire period of usage. Automatically accrued amounts will be paid out once per quarter.

Contact us now, and our experts will help you start your journey to financial success. We will advise you on how to get started, step by step, assist with the verification process, or registration on the exchange. Don’t waste time – your successful trading awaits you!

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter, not to be considered as a legal consultation. 

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