Investment legal support

Investment activity is considered an effective, flexible, and promising means of generating profit at the same time. However, from a legal perspective, investment is viewed as one of the riskiest business spheres, demanding substantial financial inputs from the investor. Lawyers at Manimama will assist in maximizing the benefits from investments and ensure the safety of investment operations.


Legal support of investment projects and deals positively affects the speed of business business concepts, streamlining both the temporal and financial investments required for their commencement.
Our legal firm offers a multitude of advantages to support our clients in their investment projects:

  • comprehensive legal support for investment projects
  • support at all decision-making stages
  • timely and professional protection of investor rights and interests
  • mitigation of potential risks
  • skillful project implementation

List of services:

Legal support of investments includes the following services:

  • Legal consultancy on investment matters
  • Due Diligence – comprehensive legal audit of enterprises, as well as investment objects
  • Preparation and support of signing investment agreements 
  • Development of constituent documents of new companies, business plans, contracts, purchase and sale, as well as other necessary agreements between investors and shareholders
  • Representation of investor interests in relations with partners and government bodies
  • Risk analysis and further risk management
  • Tax consulting during investment as well
  • Tax and financial reporting in investment issues


Legal consultancy on investment matters is based on a hourly base

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