Disputes resolution

Our Dispute Resolution team possesses profound experience in handling a wide range of claims and disputes, and we assist individuals and companies in resolving intricate local and international disputes. As true business lawyers, all of us understand the conflicts and consequences that lead to litigation and we work hard to help our clients solve their disputes out of court in an amicable, efficient and timely manner.


Our team has experience in Lithuanian, Ukrainian, Estonian, Cypriot and English litigations.

We cooperate with our clients extensively to analyze their business needs, predict developments and uncover opportunities. Our lawyers work to build a strategic approach to resolving disputes in court and extrajudicially. We are always ready to deal with complicated, urgent and resonant disputes at any stage of the process in order to protect the rights of our clients. We are committed to providing comprehensive legal advice that meets our clients’ expectations and evaluate our success by clients’ satisfaction. 

We would like to specifically emphasize that our company has partnered with a prestigious English law firm to introduce the new service within our practice. As a result, we are able to offer representation in all courts of England. Our lawyers are ready to support the entire process – starting from filing a lawsuit to the court and ending with the enforcement of a court decision. In addition, our partners are experts in the field of mediation.


Advantages of our dispute resolution service:

  • Strategic consulting by our highly experienced lawyers
  • Client’s case assessment
  • Adherence to legal procedures
  • Confidentiality
  • Risk management

List of services:

Our services include litigation, mediation, arbitration and other dispute resolution in such areas as:

  • Corporate, civil and commercial disputes
  • Bankruptcy and liquidation of companies
  • Cross-border financial disputes
  • Financial and regulatory disputes, labor and intellectual property disputes

Recognition and enforcement of judgements:

Recognition and enforcement of judgments is the legal process whereby a court or judicial authority recognizes and enforces a judgment rendered by another court or jurisdiction. This means that the rights and obligations set forth in a judgment are recognized and enforced in another jurisdiction.

With our in-depth understanding of the legal landscape related to the recognition and enforcement of judgments, we provide sophisticated advice and representation. Rely on the Manimama team for our ability to navigate the intricate procedures involved in the recognition and enforcement of judgments, enabling clients to effectively assert their rights.


The recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments in different jurisdictions, as in many other countries, provides several advantages for individuals and entities looking to obtain remedies or resolve disputes:

  • worldwide reach
  • effectiveness
  • financial savings
  • sequence
  • double litigation avoidance
  • legal certainty


Consultations on the topic of dispute resolutions, recognition and enforcement of judgements is based on a hourly base (€300/hour)

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