Algorithmic Trading System Burvix Traders: Overview. Part 1 

In previous materials, we have already mentioned the product of Manimama company - the algorithmic trading bot Burvix Traders. In the next two parts, we will delve into it in detail, uncovering all the important aspects.

The first part will contain information about the concept of our product, an overview of the trading platform, the client's role, and cooperation requirements. In the second part, we will talk about our strategy selection, offerings for clients, expected benefits, and the terms of the referral program, which can provide passive income even without personal investments.

So, Burvix Traders is an algorithmic trading system that helps to profit from the cryptocurrency spot market. Trading strategies based on the refined DCA method are developed by our professional traders with over 20 years of experience in exchanges. The client needs to deposit funds into their own account on the exchange and create API keys. After that, the entire process is automated by our bot. All funds remain in the client’s account – we only need permission to trade on the spot market. After determining the trading pair and initiating trading, the client can view the results on the bot’s trading platform –

About the Platform

Let’s start by familiarizing ourselves with the platform itself. By following the link, you’ll land on the homepage, where you can acquaint yourself with the primary data and metrics of our offering. To register or log in, use your Google account.

Create your personal account to assess our internal dashboard from within. Since we only charge based on bot performance, until there are results, it’s absolutely free for users.

The main page of the internal dashboard directly depends on whether the client already has a bot connected or not. If it’s connected, you’ll see statistical data of its performance in the form of a bar chart and be able to view detailed data on each trading pair, trading period, and more. If no bot is connected yet, the statistics field will remain empty until the client connects the first bot.

To do this, on any page of the internal dashboard, click on “connect a new bot” to navigate to the connection page. 

However, we recommend contacting the Burvix Traders support service before connecting a bot to coordinate the launch strategy, amount, ask questions, and get answers to any queries. Nevertheless, of course, you can submit a connection request without this.

About Bot Connection

On the bot connection page, in the first step, choose the expected annual profitability. Our strategies are adapted to generally yield this expected profit to the client over the course of a year. However, with increased expected profitability comes increased potential risk. More details on how we test strategies will be discussed in the second part of our material.

The second step involves selecting the trading pair for which this type of strategy exists. In the third step, choose the exchange that offers the selected trading pair from the options provided in the previous step. 

Here, we come to the entry of API keys. As mentioned earlier, one of the peculiarities of our work is that funds are constantly held in the client’s account, and we only require permission to trade. You can learn how to create API keys for bot connection in the Knowledge Base section, where a video tutorial is also available. If you have any questions at this stage, the support service is always available to help resolve them in both text and call formats.

After creating and entering the API keys into the appropriate fields, there will be an automatic verification of their correctness by the platform. There will also be an automatic check for the availability of funds in the account, with the current minimum amount to utilize the Burvix Traders bot being 10,000 USDT (or another stablecoin). If everything is done correctly, our traders will receive a signal and connect the bot within an hour. From this point, the bot starts working automatically, and the client is required to adhere to the rules, which we will discuss below.

Trading Rules

From the moment the bot is launched for trading, a certain amount of funds is allocated. If not otherwise agreed with customer support, the entire amount of the base tokens (chosen by the client during the bot connection stage) available in the client’s account is reserved for trading from the moment of launch. After the launch, changing the balance of the base token in the account is prohibited, as this could lead to a failure due to insufficient funds. To change the trading amount, a request must be made to customer support.

Additionally, we recommend refraining from using additional coins in the account that are traded by the bot. For example, if the bot trades in the TUSD/BTC pair, all funds deposited in TUSD are used for trading, and the BTC balance in the account should be zero. If you have BTC in your account before starting trading, we recommend transferring it to another wallet. If this is not possible, we recommend selecting another trading pair where the balance of the other asset in the account is zero. This model helps avoid misunderstandings regarding the client’s assets when invoices are issued. You can always view the amount and trading pair for which trading is launched on the main page of the internal dashboard.

Also, please note that exchange fees incurred during trading are borne by the client and are not considered in profit calculations. The amount of fees may depend on various factors, such as client status, commission level generated in previous periods, the presence of the exchange’s token in the account (e.g., BNB for Binance), or the use of trading pairs. We track exchange promotional campaigns and recommend that clients pay attention to trading pairs with zero or reduced fees. This issue can be discussed by contacting customer support before launching the bot. If there is no inquiry, we will start trading on the base token selected on the bot connection page.

Payment for Services at Burvix Traders

Payment for our services is made post facto, allowing us to work for the client in a win-win format, where we receive a reward only when the client earns. The commission for Burvix Traders is 30% of the net profit for the trading period, invoiced typically every two weeks.

For payment of our services, we accept payments in cryptocurrency to the wallet provided by us. After payment, the bots will be automatically restarted for the agreed-upon amount. Additionally, if you wish to use another payment method, please contact our support service and specify your preferred payment method, and we will find a convenient option for both parties.

All payment data is stored on the Burvix Traders portal in your personal account under the “Payments” section.

This was the first part of an extensive material about the Burvix Traders platform. In the second part, we will detail our methodology for creating strategies, trading risks for clients, discuss what to do when the market moves in a completely unpredictable direction, and also consider another important way to earn on our platform – the partner program.

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