Token sale & ICO

Token issue


Manimama provides a full range of legal support in relation to structuring of token issuance and sale, by using the methods of Initial Coin Offering (ICO) or Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) procedures. By working closely with the business, we help companies with the choice of jurisdictions for Token Offering by extensively researching and analyzing the official requirements. 

We further help with incorporation of company and/or escrow agent, preparation of shareholder agreements, opening bank accounts and legalization and structuration of the relationship between the operating company and the token issuer company. 

We provide services for formulating token sale documentation, as well online user documentation for Coin offering websites, such as the Terms of Use, Privacy Notice (Policy), necessary disclaimers, and disclosure of risks statements.

 We provide opinions on the token offering project and legal status of the token and navigate our clients with regard to restrictions for residents of certain countries with strict regulations. Our legal team is able to provide legal analysis of the whitepaper and marketing materials and to develop necessary internal policies to ensure that our clients comply with AML/CTF compliance, and KYC requirements.


Legal opinion


Manimama lawyers regularly work with clients across the world and handle different legal matters. We are ready to offer expert legal opinions for business clients, private individuals.
Most of the time, investors and business stakeholders are interested in the availability of a written document by a qualified legal professional which sets out the legal effects of a certain transaction or business decision and informs about possible risks that may accompany that decision or transaction. Industry specific legal opinions can arise regarding a specific issue concerning diverse cases or more legal issues, contractual obligations and applicability of legislation in particular projects. We mainly specialize on fundraising projects using tokenization and prepare legal opinions on the nature of the tokens for different jurisdictions for transactions including the EU, US, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, UAE and many other crypto friendly countries including offshore countries such as BVI, Seychelles, Saint Vincent. This type of legal opinions help you for attracting investments by private investors, listing of your tokens in exchanges, accessing to the international trading platform and to various financial markets.
As we work with the clients who decide to go global, and do business including transactions involving a foreign jurisdiction, we work with lawyers based in the country where the transaction or legal effect takes place is commonly required. Having reviewed a defined body of documents and information provided by the clients, our counsels confirm certain business decisions and possible risks associated with that decision and deal.