Vasyl Ponomarov

Vasyl is an investor with experience in financing and managing over a dozen successful projects on real sector and financial markets. Successful experience in trading and investing as well as deep expertise in managing business gained over the years led him to a decision to create his own legal firm providing other businessmen to find relevant service giving them opportunity to earn money being safe.
He has been practicing in the field of trading on financial markets for 12 years: specifically on the Betfair sports events exchange, brokerage platforms, cryptocurrency platforms.
His entrepreneurial activity includes investing in various projects: the creation and development of his own mobile stores network in Ukraine, support of transactions in the field of trade in chemical raw materials, building mixtures, and equipment. Finally he moved to IT consulting, establishing and managing cryptocurrency mining centers in Ukraine and Estonia, creating the law firm Manimama OU.
Vasyl is also a founder of Manimama Exchange (Lithuania) and MTU I support Ukraine (Estonia).

  1. Master of law, Mariupol State University of Humanitie