Ganna Voievodina

Ganna has been a licensed attorney in Ukraine since 2012. Ganna is a lawyer, with 16 years of legal experience and background. She is an attorney at law admitted to practice in Ukraine.

Ganna has two diplomas with honors: Master of Law and Bachelor of linguistics. In 2022 Ganna started writing a PhD thesis to obtain the Doctor of Philosophy Degree in the field of international law studies.

Ganna is an author of Ukrainian Law “About Virtual Assets”. Moreover, her past experience includes the position of senior legal officer of the cryptocurrency exchange EXMO, head of legal department of the international career portal Headhunter.

For almost 5 years she has been working also a Chief Legal Officer of the cryptocurrency exchange KUNA. She is a founder of Manimama OU (Estonia), Manimama Exchange (Lithuania) and MTU I support Ukraine (Estonia).

  1. Master of law, Mariupol State University of Humanities, Diploma with honours
  2. Bachelor of English linguistics, Mariupol State University of Humanities, Diploma with honours
  3. Candidate for PhD, International Law Studies, National Aviation University
  4. Academy of Public Law, Athens, Athens, Greece Master's degree, Public Administration