Diana Yarmolenko

Welcome Diana, our sales manager. Being one of the youngest team members in Manimama, she possesses decent experience in sales. Before Manimama, Diana had been working in one of the largest hotel groups in Ukraine at the same position – Ribas Hotels Group.
Diana and client care are synonyms, so you may have a breath of relief when it comes to communicate with us for the first time. With Diana we can assure you – your case is in good hands.

  1. Bachelor, Law, Odessa National Maritime University, Odesa, Ukraine

Daria Spesivtseva

Daria is highly skilled UI/UX designer boasts over 5 years of experience in the field. Her expertise encompasses the entire design process, from UX wireframing and interactive prototyping to UI creation, animation, and asset development. Daria has extensive experience across various industries: from mobile and desktop games to corporate websites and social media marketing.

Beyond design, Daria thrives in a management environment. She mentored junior design teams, managed and prioritized tasks, and even participated in the hiring process.

Daria has graduated from Beetroot Academy and obtained diploma as a Junior UI/UX Designer. She also finished Lviv IT School in Design field and has Master Diploma in Mariupol State University.

  1. Master's degree, History and Archeology, Mariupol State University, Mariupol, Ukraine

Illia Sviridov

Illia is a specialist in both frontend and backend technologies. He graduated from Kharkiv Radio Engineering Vocational College, Faculty of Computer Engineering, where he gained fundamental knowledge in programming and information technology.

Illia possesses a wide range of skills that allow him to successfully work on various aspects of software development. In his work, he demonstrates high quality, focusing on creating intuitive and attractive user interfaces as well as developing reliable and scalable server applications.

Illia’s main areas of practice include:

Frontend Development:

– Using HTML, CSS, JS technologies
– Developing user interfaces with the modern Angular framework
– Creating responsive and cross-browser design that ensures excellent user experience across different devices

Backend Development:

– Working with databases, including relational MySQL
– Ensuring the security and performance of server solutions, including authentication, authorization, and query optimization
– Illia also has experience with various tools and technologies for project management and version control, such as Git and CI/CD, etc.

  1. Junior Bachelor, Computer Engineering, KRTPC, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Oksana Shamota

Experienced HR manager, master of talent search to create the team of our dreams. Oksana’s penetrating gaze reveals potential hidden to others. Thinks strategically to find not just employees, but real treasures.

With experience in the field of personnel management and skills in sales, Oksana finds the best candidates and turns potential into results, helping MANIMAMA to reach new heights!

  1. Master's degree, Finance and credit, Tavria State Agrotechnological University, Melitopol, Ukraine
  2. Master's degree, Social and psychological rehabilitation, NULES, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tetiana Terendii

Tetiana is the project manager of the company, by education – master of history.

The sphere of responsibility includes:

  • scientific and research activity of the company
  • assistance in the development of the company’s business projects
  • coordination of employees’ work
  • publication of content for the website and social networks, creates websites for other company`s projects
  • design and editing of documents, search for information
  • responsible for internal organizational and creative issues of the company.

She will answer all technical questions from clients and is always available at support@manimama.eu

  1. Master's degree, History and Archeology, Mariupol State University, Mariupol, Ukraine

Polina Martyniuk

During the last 2 years, she worked as a lawyer in the field of trade and foreign economic agreements. She also took part in accompanying court cases and gained experience in advocacy.

  1. Master's degree, Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Taras Kaliandruk

Taras is one of the young and promising lawyers of Manimama. Having joined the team in 2024, he has already proven himself as a responsible employee who handles assignments of various levels of complexity and communicates directly with clients without any problems.

His main responsibilities are specialization in bank and payment accounts, preparation of legal documentation, registration and legal support of business.

  1. Master's degree, Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Yuliia Dmytryk

Yuliia joined the Manimama team in 2024. She has experience as an analyst in the financial and banking sectors. She worked as a legal assistant for 2 years. She speaks English and German at C1 level.

  1. Master's degree, Law, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Kyiv, Ukraine

Roman Moroz

Roman is a professional trader and expert in the field of finance and cryptocurrencies. In 2011, he successfully graduated from the Computer Systems faculty at Ternopil National Technical University (TNTU), where he gained important knowledge in computer technologies and data analysis.

Over his long career as a trader, Roman has accumulated over 12 years of experience, demonstrating his ability to adapt to various market conditions and make successful trading decisions. Initially, he worked on the sports betting exchange platform Betfair, focusing on trading before football matches. However, in 2020, he shifted his focus to the cryptocurrency sphere, where he started working with different financial instruments.

Currently, his main area of activity involves developing and implementing trading strategies, mathematical optimization, and the adaptation and automation of trading algorithms. Roman is actively involved in the development and testing of trading bots for Manimama Exchange, the affiliate company he is associated with. He personally oversees the entire process of creating a trading bot, from the initial idea and planning on paper to the development of mathematical algorithms and conducting testing.

Additionally, Roman actively assists clients of Manimama in opening exchange accounts and providing necessary support.

  1. Bachelor, Computer Engineering, TNTU, Ternopil, Ukraine

Valeriia Ukolova

Valeriia joined the Manimama team in the autumn of 2022. She is engaged in the following tasks: conducting legal researches in the field of crypto regulation, gambling activities, company registration and taxation in jurisdictions around the world. Her main field of knowledge is the offshore jurisdictions. If you want to know more about expansion your business to El Salvador, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, do not hesitate to ask her.

Our presentations, commercial offers, and all other staff connected with PR and marketing presence is also her responsibility.

  1. Master's degree, Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University, Kharkiv, Ukraine