Intellectual property

We protect and monetize innovative ideas through our dedicated Intellectual Property services. Our exceptional client service, genuine interest in Clients’ needs, and swift, efficient, and innovative approach set us apart. Specializing in technology sector IP law, our expert lawyers offer guidance to tech start-ups and understand the challenges of a competitive market. Trust us to safeguard interests and contribute to business’s success.


Intellectual property services are essential for individuals and businesses that want to defend and maximize the value of their creative and innovative assets. Below are some of the key benefits of intellectual property services:

    • worldwide expansion
    • market benefit
    • mitigation of risk 
    • attraction of investors and partnerships
    • protection of Intellectual assets
    • trademark protection
    • license opportunities

List of services:

Our services include:

  • Developing an effective strategy to protect IP in the EU, Asia, and globally
  • Safeguarding brand, designs, creative works, confidential information, and inventions:
  • Safeguard Trade Secrets
  • Domain Name Services
  • Copyright and Authorship protection services
  • Patents and Technology registration services
  • Monetizing intellectual property through licensing or ownership transfer
  • Assisting in acquiring the rights to the IP held by other companies and individuals:
  • Trademark and Brand Protection 
  • NFT Marketplace Development
  • Transforming Copyright Objects into NFT
  • Legal support of NFT`s issues


Trade mark registration in EU starts from € 2,000 

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