Pro Bono


Pro Bono


Charity and volunteer


When the war hit, first of all we concentrated on humanitarian aid, but later we turned to another level. We dedicated hundreds hours to pro-bono practice, particularly provide free advising to Ukrainians with mobilization and migration cases, helped displaced Ukrainians to find a new job, on obtaining a collective temporary protection status in EU and, helped them to find an accommodation issues, to apply for temporary resident status, legal help to continue their education and provided translation or other administrative services so that they can live their regular lives again. We also represent soldiers of Ukrainian army  in criminal procedures. 

Being exceptionally busy and working to capacity, we are ready to invest a significant portion of our time to help the most vulnerable communities in need, as it is incredibly rewarding working with Ukrainians¬† in this way ‚Äď by showing solidarity and sharing experience. Significant part of our Law firm profit¬† is donated to our charity fund – I support Ukraine.¬†

We support the development of pro bono practice to help individuals, organizations and communities  in need and we actively collaborate with other law firms to enhance responsible legal practice across the world.