Mining with Nvidia RTX A4000. Relevance, payback on 1.11.21

For a long time, Nvidia 1660 SUPER and Nvidia 3070 were the basis for assembling our mainstream rigs.

However, their advantages are not so obvious now - the 1660 have lost their main advantage - a low price, and the 3070 disappeared from stores, they were replaced by 3070 LHR with a reduced hashrate. And we had to look for alternatives.

Probably the best card for rig building right now is the Nvidia A4000. It has a turbine cooling system, is very compact, and is covered by a 3-year official warranty. A single 8-pin power connector helps to simplify the selection of power supplies for them.


  • Excellent hashrate;
  • Excellent energy efficiency;
  • Large amount of memory;
  • Efficiency on most algorithms;
  • One 8-pin connector;
  • Official warranty period.


  • High price;
  • Noisy and not the most efficient cooling system;
  • Lack of statistics on failure.

In Ukraine these video cards currently cost 50,000 UAH.

The rest of the necessary components will cost about UAH 20,000.

In total, 420 000 UAH or 16000 USD will be needed to assemble such a rig, which will be spent on 8 video cards and other components.

Mining speed of one video card is 63 mh/s, 8 video cards will give 500 mh/s.

Electricity consumption of one video card per ETH is 125 watts, a rig of eight assembled video cards will need 1100 watts.

Whattomine shows a profitability of $ 41, minus electricity costs will consequently leed to the profit of $ 39 per day.

$ 39 X 30 = $ 1170 profit per month. While maintaining profitability, full payback occurs in less than 14 months.

There is a possibility that ETH will switch to POS, and it will not be possible to mine it any more. In this case, profitability will decrease due to the need to transfer rigs to mine on less profitable algorithms.

There is also a possibility that we are going to witness the falling market what will entail a decrease in mining profitability.

Despite these risks, we continue to invest in cryptocurrency mining, and we consider the above-mentioned video card as the main one for building new mining rigs. Along with the A5000, which we are going to review later.