IT & E-commerce

Top technology and software companies are already developing innovative blockchain solutions to meet various applications in retail, e-commerce, consumer appliances, financial, healthcare, cybersecurity, IT and other industries. Blockchain applications range from cryptocurrency trading platforms used by the financial industry, to smart contracts used for tracking product movements for retail and e-commerce companies, to powering operation of decentralized networks of Internet of Things devices and many others. We represent IT and e-commerce companies in a variety of industries throughout the lifespan of their businesses, from initial formation and funding to implementation of an exit strategy.

Our team provides strategic advice to its online business clients, including retailers, distributors, third-party sellers on marketplace websites, platform providers and tech entrepreneurs. Our team has taken part in negotiating outsourcing, licensing, distribution, confidentiality and ASP agreements, software development contracts, and a variety of computer services agreements on behalf of start-ups and traditional companies alike. 

We also represent software developers and web-based companies in tax, employment, executive compensation, regulatory and corporate matters. Manimama also advises clients on a variety of electronic communication issues, including dispute resolution, web site development and operation, intellectual property, and numerous data ownership and privacy issues. We pave the way for innovations to thrive in highly regulated environments, while minimizing the risk of regulatory investigations and costly litigation. 

Currently we provide the following services for our clients:

  • Acquisition of domain names and related trademark or service mark rights
  • Drafting online “Click-through” contracts such as Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy
  • Co-branding agreements
  • Content licensing, hosting, and other agreements for electronic rights management
  • Strategies to protect IP and proprietary rights
  • Review and draft publisher compliance policies and guidelines
  • Website legal audits
  • Ensuring the connection of all payment methods necessary for online sales.