New investment strategies, changing investor needs, rapid pace technology continue to disrupt industries around the world. Manimama is ready to offer innovative solutions for investors to prepare to overcome the challenges, capitalize on novel opportunities and to guide them through the complexities that the investment market brings. 

We have taken part in cross border asset based financing and developed tax, legal and financial structures around the world. Our knowledge and understanding of the emerging trends in the private and registered fund structures and vehicles, investment strategies, asset types and industries puts us in a forefront position to provide innovative solutions and strategies to facilitate our clients to realize their business goals and turn challenges into opportunities. 

Currently we can assist our clients with the following services:

  • Creation and launch of all types of funds, including registered funds using alternative strategies
  • Represent financial and strategic investors, management teams and firms in minority and controlling investment transactions and capital markets transactions
  • Represent funds and their independent directors in fund, acquisition mergers and reorganizations and other strategic transactions
  • Counsel industry participants in navigating increasingly complex regulatory and compliance requirements and avoiding pitfalls in structuring and operating funds and other investment products
  • Form registered open-end and closed-end funds, exchange-traded funds and business development companies, and represent independent trustees, investment advisors and other registered fund service providers
  • Advise on a broad spectrum of board-related matters, including governance structure, contract renewal, significant transactions and risk oversight.

We have an experience and knowledge in a broad range of sectors, including:

  • Commercial aviation, private jet and helicopter financing
  • Yachts, shipping and maritime
  • Rail equipment and infrastructure
  • Energy and other facility financings
  • Mining, metals and stones
  • Telecommunications and satellites
  • Purchase and Sale of securities
  • Artworks.