Intellectual property

We also operate across the EU, Central Asia and Eastern Europe and Balkan States to help you to protect your innovative ideas, develop and enforce and monetise your Intellectual Property rights. We’re a bit different from the average law firms, but we go above and beyond to deliver exceptional client service. Our team members have a vested interest in ensuring the needs and interests of our clients, while giving our best professional legal advice. Our clients can rest assured that we handle their legal matters with quick turnaround times with a modern and innovative approach to contribute to the success of their business. 

Our team and network of agents are experts in applying IP law to the technology sector. Our trademark, copyright and tech IP lawyers advise a broad range of clients from tech sector start-ups. We understand the needs of our clients who want to differentiate themselves in the extremely competitive market. 

We  help our clients to:

  • Develop a strategy for protecting your IP in the EU, Asia and worldwide
  • Protect their brand, designs, creative works, confidential information, and inventions
  • Монетизируйте свою интеллектуальную собственность путем лицензирования или передачи права собственности
  • Acquire the rights to the IP of other companies and individuals.


Trademarks and brands names

Using our network of agents around the world our expert trademark lawyers can devise a protection strategy to ensure that you secure valuable trade mark registrations for your chosen trade mark. We provide strategic advice to trademark and design owners and assist them in the worldwide prosecution and enforcement of their portfolios.

We identify ways to exploit your brand to include licensing arrangements. We review trade mark and design portfolios in the framework of due diligence projects. Manimama team handles negotiations and preparation of documents for peaceful settlement of disputes. We also provide effective remedies for online trademark infringements by means of notice-and-takedown requests, letters to intermediaries.



We assist our clients in negotiating agreements of all types, ranging from simple license agreements with contractors or employees, through contract negotiations to leverage copyrights and image rights, including exclusivity agreements, broadcasting and publishing agreements, sponsorship deals and licensing. We advise on all copyright matters in relation to recognition, registration and protection, as well as other IP rights clearances for inclusion of material on Internet, websites or other media, including advertising. We draft and conclude agreements on creation of original works, transfer of property rights and reprinting of copyrighted works. We develop a set of measures for protecting copyright, including computer programs, softwares and mobile applications and implement measures to protect online website content.  Moreover, we counsel our clients and brand owners looking to monetize their intellectual property in new ways.


Patents /Technology and Software

We review and draft contracts to leverage and protect research and technology assets, such as patent and knowhow license agreements, material transfer agreements, non-disclosure agreements and agreements for joint or contract research. Via our extensive international network, Manimama can take action for any party in any country in the world to obtain a patent, maintenance of a patent, defense of a patent, and taking legal action against an infringer on the basis of a patent. Technology leaders turn to Manimama for our expertise in intellectual property law to assist them with protection of their innovative blockchain solutions using patents, trademarks and other forms of IP.


Trade secrets

Our lawyers are experienced in helping clients keep their sensitive information safe and offer a range of services from confidentiality agreements to NDAs. We assist our clients in developing the necessary policies and procedures to guide them through all facets of trade secret preservation and protection strategies, beginning with the initial genesis of an idea through to its development and commercialization. We help you put processes in place from restrictive covenants to intellectual property clauses in employment contracts to help protect your confidential information. We can also help you take action if a breach of confidentiality occurs.


Domain names

The registration of a domain name allows a right of use during a specified period and helps the company stand out and to have an international visibility of its brand. A domain name is not a property right but Manimama advises you on the resulting rights. We advise on registration and reservation of domain names, monitoring and buyback and redeeming already reserved and registered domain names by negotiating with the owner.  We also handle domain names dispute resolution and work with settlement of  UDRP and UDRP-type alternative disputes procedures to recover or suspend domain names.