High-risk business

As the internet changes the economic realities, the entertainment and high risk business is embracing new platforms, products and services. Manimama OU  advises clients throughout the online gaming, gambling and betting as well as online dating businesses to navigate the rapidly developing ecosystem and provide sophisticated business and legal advice on their ecosystems on major transactions, investments, controversies, and operational and regulatory matters.

We work with broadcasters and media companies, game developers, publishers,  operators and distributors,  software and hardware and IT infrastructure providers, casinos & traditional and online gaming organizations with respect to the development, interpretation, and application of laws, regulations, and precedent. We facilitate interaction with, and regularly appear before, licensing commissions in a variety of jurisdictions on behalf of new market entrants. We also represent technology providers for internet and mobile gaming, sports wagering operators and multimedia companies seeking to coordinate, work with and form partnerships with these new industry participants.

Currently we provide the following services for our clients:

  • Advising on obtaining license and/or approval from a governmental regulatory authority and/or an approval by a corporate compliance committee, who issue findings of suitability after conducting rigorous background investigations
  • Advising clients on multi-jurisdictional betting and gaming regulatory filings and risk assessments
  • Advising on maintaining the licenses and approvals, guiding them from the initial application, to the investigation and interview process, to the public hearing on the finding of suitability and issuance of a license or approval, through the ongoing obligation to update regulators
  • Maintaining Compliance with Regulations
  • Interpreting gaming regulations and working with regulators to address these issues promptly and clearly
  • Advising on regulatory compliance and reporting requirements, compliance audits and internal investigations
  • Developing practical solutions to address the issues and fashion disclosures that satisfy legal requirements, while remaining sensitive to our clients’ needs and reputations
  • Guiding companies on labor and employment, taxation, AML, data privacy, intellectual property, corporate, financing and operational issues
  • Negotiating and documenting material agreements, loans and M&A transactions, preparing offering documents, or handling disputes
  • Assisting with the development of new business models that achieve strategic goals while maintaining compliance with prevailing legislative and regulatory frameworks.