Dispute resolution

Manimama’s Dispute resolution Team has in-depth expertise on a  wide range of claims and disputes and we advise individuals and companies on complicated local and international disputes. Being truly business lawyers, we understand the conflicts and outcomes that cause the court litigation and we do our best to advise our clients to settle their disputes in a peaceful way possible in an efficient and timely manner. 

We provide litigation, arbitration and dispute resolution with the matters, such as:

  • corporate, civil & commercial disputes
  • company Insolvency and liquidation
  • cross border finance related proceedings
  • financial & regulatory, employment and Intellectual Property Disputes. 

We help our clients to supervise and request for information proceedings, represent clients in enforcement proceedings, assist with pre-trial dispute resolution proceedings,  developing litigation strategies, help to prevent disputes by providing well-crafted documents and prompt legal advice, draft and send cease and desist letters to opponents and provide assistance in removal of infringing content from social media platforms and stock databases and facilitate with enforcement of right on the Internet.

Disputes in United Kingdom

This is a new service in our portfolio thanks to a partnership with a reputable english law firm. We can offer the representation of the interests of clients in all courts of England. We are ready to accompany the entire process – from filing a claim to the court to supporting the execution of a court decision. Also, our partners are experts in the field of mediation.

Ukrainian litigation 

Our attorneys at law work with you to develop a strategic approach to dispute resolution in and out of court. We are ready to handle complex, urgent and high profile disputes at any stage of the process to defend our client’s rights.  

Estonian litigation

Our attorneys based in Estonia represent clients in Estonian courts and arbitral tribunals to assist them in the fastly evolving business and regulatory environment in the Baltic region and Eastern Europe. We offer a wide array of services to meet your needs and priorities, as our success is interlinked with your success.  We are dedicated to providing sound legal advice to meet our clients’ expectations and measure our success by client satisfaction. 

Cyprus litigation

Our attorneys represent our clients in all stages of dispute settlements, by successfully defending, litigating and mediating claims. We help you to negotiate compromise solutions, if chosen in court trials, we give our endeavors to successfully defend and litigate claims. 

Lithuanian litigation

We work closely with our clients to understand their business needs in order to foresee developments and identify opportunities. Our lawyers and attorneys approach is to deliver effective solutions which advance the strategic interests of our clients.

Enforcement proceeding

The war in Ukraine made it impossible to enforce judgments and also seize debtors’ assets. In this regard, we have opened a new practice for the enforcement of judgments in other countries – where there are assets of debtors. We have partners – trial lawyers and private enforcement officers in the UK, Germany, Belgium, Bulgaria, Slovenia and other jurisdictions. In this regard, we can find the assets of debtors and impose a penalty on them, legalizing the decisions of Ukrainian courts abroad.