Digital assets & blockchain

Our team of professionals working with a Blockchain and Digital Assets regulatory practice,  offer strategic advice on a global basis to address the needs of companies implementing blockchain technology solutions and creating and deploying digital assets. We understand that such companies face significant challenges in implementing this new technology into the existing legal regimes which change from country to country and, in some cases, clash with the manner in which blockchain technology operates.

Our experience combined with our integrated, cross-practice approach positions us at the forefront of the market, advising a wide variety of clients on the full range of matters related to digital assets, including fund formation and investing, enforcement matters and tax planning. 

We advise on-chain/blockchain natives like token issuers, decentralized autonomous organizations (“DAOs”), blockchain tech developers, NFT artists, and content creators, in addition to off-chain or traditional companies looking for advice around market entry and protection. In addition, our lawyers are at the forefront of the emerging Metaverse ecosystem. We counsel clients in every pillar of the Metaverse technology stack, including software and game developers, AR/VR hardware manufacturers, digital asset marketplaces. 

Manimama’s multidisciplinary fintech team helps clients around the globe, from fintech startups to major financial institutions, navigate a fast-evolving legal and regulatory landscape for fintech-focused clients to innovate, invest, and thrive. 

We advise clients on how to structure their business to avoid or mitigate regulatory and litigation risk. Our digital asset practice can help you or your company stay on the right side of the emerging law driven by the incredible innovations the blockchain revolution creates every day.

Currently we are able to provide the following services:

  • Advising on the legal and regulatory issues related to the development and offering of digital asset products and services; 
  • Legal support, analysis, and interpretation of legislation and policy developments;
  • Incorporation and corporate structuring;
  • Obtaining relevant licenses and business permits; 
  • DAO formation and governance;
  • Fund Formation and Investing;
  • Tax advice to individuals and business;
  • Risk management and compliance guidance regarding custody, AML, registration, and other digital asset enforcement priorities, including developing bespoke compliance manuals, policies and procedures;
  • Guidance on infrastructure partnership and commercial arrangements with organizations that mint and issue digital assets;
  • Solution deployment to crypto asset launches and trading;
  • Representing interests and interfacing with government officials, regulatory agencies, enforcement authorities;
  • Drafting Online “Click-through” contracts such as Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy.