Corporate & Taxation

Choosing right jurisdiction 

Governing Law is determined by jurisdiction, so one size fits all approach does not always work. Businesses might struggle with finding a convenient place to do business from around 200 sovereign states in the world, but over 300 jurisdictions to choose from.  We can guide on where to incorporate depending on the nature of the business at stake, by researching destinations which offer a flexible corporate law that give companies a considerable freedom to set in place a structure that works best for them. 

Offshore incorporation

It is not a secret that most companies look for a favorable tax residence and environment to grow their business. A company with clear objectives, strategies and investment support, needs to determine risks and have a legal roadmap to mitigate risks associated with entering new jurisdiction. There are always more regulated jurisdictions, where companies need to comply with more stringent rules of doing business, but offer business safety. 

Whether you have been considering buying a ready-made offshore company, appointing a local director, opening bank accounts, meeting transparency  requirements and data security as to the registers of shareholders and board members, challenged with accounting and auditing standards, we will be happy to provide assistance at all stages of the formation of a company and offer a smooth company incorporation process as you enter a new foreign market for your steadily growing business.

Onshore incorporation 

We work in classic jurisdictions, where the client needs to be due to the availability of resources, capacities, clients or substance that he is interested in. That is why our company is open to help you create a legal entity or representative office absolutely anywhere in the world, and find trusted representatives there, an office, an accountant, director and secretarial services, an auditor, rent and hire any personnel, and establish onboarding and further support of any business. process to be provided.

Corporate governance

With clearly defined goals  and type of activity, we help you to build a business growth strategy. Our Corporate Governance practice group helps you to balance conflicting interests in the management of regulatory, operational, fiduciary and political risks. 

With the sound legal judgment of market factors, we advise corporations on board diversity, leadership structures, risk management, along with risk management oversight,  defensive mandates,  internal investigations, and reviewing board functions and duties in  corporate bylaws, charters, code of ethics to comply with regulatory requirements. 

Corporate finance

We provide strategic advice on financial structures and products that prevail in the contemporary capital and financial markets, while ensuring fund structuring meets security and relevant regulatory compliance. We advise our clients  from different industries  on their complex legal, technological and business issues to help them to effectively raise capital by tender offers, proxies, structuring joint ventures and strategic alliances, business credit transactions, secured and unsecured loan transactions, asset based lending, term loans, debt restructures, equity offerings, workouts and other post default transactions. 

Being truly interdisciplinary, our team focuses on best practices and offers clients services of legal consulting based on a broad spectrum of legal, tax, technical, business and financial issues to bring unique perspectives for complex financial and business transactions. 

Business taxation

Our team of lawyers can guide companies through the complexities of corporate taxation to effectively structure their transactions for minimizing tax obligations, while maximizing tax benefits. We take practical and proactive approach on planning for the formation and operation of new businesses, consideration of the choice of entity, as well as  handling tax planning in corporate structuring and restructurings, reorganizations and tax-motivated transactions.

With our insight and knowledge on international and local taxation regimes, we constantly help our clients develop tax strategies to change business operations, tax free spin-offs of business divisions, mergers, use new or distinct business entities while still meeting business objectives. 

Private taxation 

Manimama is ready to help individuals with comprehensive advice on tax planning and compliance services. We assist with the establishment of trusts, family limited partnerships and LLCs and charitable foundations to minimize estate taxes. 

We also provide services on income, estate, generation-skipping and gift tax planning for individuals, with the aim of minimizing tax ramifications, while protecting personal and business assets.

Audit and accounting

We specialize in the provision of a highly personalized, professional and comprehensive range of international accounting and auditing services. In each jurisdiction, we can provide cooperation with a trusted firm ready to do bookkeeping, preparation and submission of VAT returns, any tax declarations including annual financial reports.