Company formation in Bahrain

One of the most popular company forms in Bahrain is a company With Limited Liability (WLL)


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Procedure for registration a company in Bahrain

Step 1. Initial setup:

  • Initiating a preliminary project assessment
  • Preparation and filing of the package of documents

Step 2. Pre-registration process:

  • Obtaining an electronic key by registering at the offices of the e-Government Authority in Bahrain ( before embarking on a request for registration or inclusion in commercial and industrial registers
  • Electronically applying for all business through the e-gateway of the register system by providing the required documents and fees
  • Determining the type of commercial activity (activities) to be practiced and verifying the requirements and stipulations of licensing entities through the Unified Directory of Business Activities
  • Determining the legal form of the company, noting that some commercial activities require a particular legal form
  • Verifying fulfillment of all the requirements and conditions of the license to be obtained
  • Determining the commercial name of the company according to the applicable terms and conditions

Step 3. Company registration:

  • Submit the application electronically to the commercial register
  • Obtain security clearance for foreign investors
  • Attachment of the draft Articles of Incorporation and Articles of Association (as the case may be)
  • Attachment of the capital deposit certificate (after obtaining the required approval)
  • Attachment of an assessment certificate from a competent expert or an auditor (in case that the company’s capital is in-kind)
  • Attachment of the requirements and other documents required by the licensing authorities
The incorporation of the company will be officially finalized after obtaining the approval by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MoIC) in the form of a Commercial Registration certificate.

We also can help with:

  • Company secretarial services
  • Opening bank accounts
  • Preparing apostilled documents
  • Further legal support

Requirements for a WLL in Bahrain

Before deciding to set up a new company in Bahrain, read the information below to understand the characteristics of a company With Limited Liability:

The type of company is a - With Limited Liability (WLL).

Number of directors/shareholders – the number of partners may not be less than 2 and may not exceed 50.

Restrictions – practicing banking, insurance, and investment of third parties’ funds is not allowed.

Auditor – the company is required to appoint 1 auditor or more who shall be selected by the general meeting of partners.

Share capital – no minimum capital; the share capital of a company is divided into equal shares with a value no less than BHD 50 (~€123) each.

Liability – partners are liable by the amount of their share in the share capital of the company.

Accounting – managers must:

  • prepare, for each financial year and within at least 3 months from the end thereof, the company’s balance sheet, profit and loss account and a report on the company’s activities and financial position together with their recommendations as regards profit distribution;
  • forward to the MoIC a copy each of the balance sheet, the profit and loss account, the annual report and the auditor’s report (no audit for 1st year) within 10 days from the date of preparing such documents.

Document requirements:

Taxation in Bahrain:

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