Algorithmic Trading System Burvix Traders: Overview. Part 2 

Burvix Traders' affiliate program allows participants to earn passive income without direct trading investments, while the strategies have undergone back-testing to withstand any market movement by modeling opposing situations within the same timeframe. We will delve deeper into this and more in the second article dedicated to the Burvix Traders trading product.

In the previous text, we have already familiarized ourselves with the trading platform, payment for our services, and walked through the process of a client applying to connect a trading bot. Let's continue our exploration.

Types of Strategies

At the core of our trading bot lies algorithmic trading. We have chosen the Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) method. It involves the trader regularly purchasing a certain amount of assets to average the purchase price.

For example, let’s take the long strategy – a client’s investment in a stablecoin and trading in anticipation of growth. The deposit amount is divided into several parts-iterations for additional purchases at specific intervals in case of a decline. If the price rises, the bot executes buy and sell operations – we make a profit. If it falls, the bot buys into these parts-iterations of the traded token, thereby lowering the average price and threshold for profit, allowing us to profit during market corrections.

This example illustrates the essence of the strategy, which can be seen in the Orders History section when the trading bot is active on the portal. The first iteration of the bot was at a rate of 3,665. The market slightly decreased in price, resulting in two more iterations being purchased, the lower of which was at a rate of 3,560. During the market correction at a price of 3,628, the take-profit order was triggered, bringing profit to the client. Here we see how 3 iterations worked, but it should be understood that in planning our strategies, we rely on significantly higher figures – no less than 11, and more often 15-20 iterations at various drawdown levels. This allows us to withstand significant price fluctuations and generate profit.

Strategy Testing Methodology

Before offering trading in a specific trading pair to clients, each of our strategies undergoes key testing stages to ensure viability under various historical conditions.

Our first step is the initial selection of the trading token for stability, analyzing it for long-term potential and the risk of “scams.” If the token is deemed relatively reliable by us, the second step is to launch testing of the trading pair with this token using random parameters for each iteration. After obtaining results, we select the best-performing strategies from the obtained ones and refine each iteration using genetic methods to achieve an ideal balance between profitability and stability.

For a strategy to be deemed viable by us, it must demonstrate a positive outcome in both “long” and “short” types on a single timeframe. For example, let’s take the USDT/ETH pair tested on the 2023 timeframe.

Identical strategy settings yielded a 41% result for the long direction and 21.5% for the short direction. This discrepancy in figures is due to a significant increase in token price from October to December of the previous year. However, the strategy brought profit to the client regardless of the chosen direction, demonstrating its resilience.

On the website, in the bot connection section, clients can choose strategies of different types.

The distinction between them is as follows:

  • Safe strategies: Tested on a continuous period from 2021 to 2023, enduring all market situations and yielding profits in both directions.
  • Balanced strategies: Tested on the 2023 period.
  • Profitable strategies: Primarily composed of pairs with altcoins tested on the 2023 period. The use of such strategies, considering the high volatility and potential unreliability of altcoins, depends solely on the client’s preference.

Trading Risks

Risk management and the security of client assets are our top priorities. We do not engage in margin or futures markets, therefore, we do not use leverage and do not face position liquidation. As mentioned earlier, our strategies have undergone historical testing from 2021 to 2023 and are designed to withstand any market dynamics and consistently generate profits.

However, for each trading pair and strategy, we consider the event of a “Black Swan,” which refers to a sudden market surge (or decline, depending on the strategy’s direction) of 15-60% within a short period. The specific percentage varies depending on the characteristics of the trading token and the aggressiveness of the strategy. According to statistics, such events typically occur several times a year. Our trading strategies take this into account and are prepared for such situations.

In the event of a “Black Swan” situation, the following scenario unfolds: the entire balance transitions into the traded token. For instance, in the case of the USDT/ETH pair for long trading, the client’s entire deposit, initially in USDT, is converted into ETH, purchased at various intervals during the token’s price decline. Conversely, in the case of short trading, the balance shifts from ETH to USDT, acquired at different stages of the token’s price growth. During this time, there remains a single take-profit order. Once this order is executed, the bot resumes operation with the entire deposit, bringing profit to the client again.

In the event of a “Black Swan” situation, our recommendations to clients are as follows:

  • Avoid making hasty decisions; do not let emotions override reason. Emotions are the primary cause of losses in trading. This is the problem our automated trading service using bots aims to address.
  • Keep everything as it is. We are confident in our trading systems, and we believe that the market will rebound with profit, and trading will resume.
  • If you find it challenging to manage your emotions and decide to halt trading, you can always reach out to our support team. We will assist you in closing your positions.

Burvix Traders Referral Program

Another way to earn passive income without directly investing in the bot’s operation is through our referral program.

If a new user registers for our bot through your referral link, you will receive 10% of the total amount of all their paid invoices for the entire period of usage. Accumulated amounts will be automatically paid out once per quarter. To participate in our referral program, you need to create an account on the Burvix Traders platform and obtain your referral link in the Profile section.

Please note that the 10% referral commission of the total amount of all their paid invoices is the base rate and it can be increased on an individual basis if referred clients make deposits in trading exceeding 300,000 USDT or 5 BTC.


In these two articles of the series, we have covered all the key aspects of the Burvix Traders service. Please register on our website and explore the features of the internal cabinet. Remember, until you start earning profits, it’s all free, so we are interested in the success of your trading.

If you have any additional questions or need consultation, feel free to reach out to our Telegram support channel. We are always open for communication. We look forward to a new, mutually beneficial, and long-term cooperation!

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Algorithmic Trading System Burvix Traders: Overview. Part 1 

In previous materials, we have already mentioned the product of Manimama company - the algorithmic trading bot Burvix Traders. In the next two parts, we will delve into it in detail, uncovering all the important aspects.

The first part will contain information about the concept of our product, an overview of the trading platform, the client's role, and cooperation requirements. In the second part, we will talk about our strategy selection, offerings for clients, expected benefits, and the terms of the referral program, which can provide passive income even without personal investments.

So, Burvix Traders is an algorithmic trading system that helps to profit from the cryptocurrency spot market. Trading strategies based on the refined DCA method are developed by our professional traders with over 20 years of experience in exchanges. The client needs to deposit funds into their own account on the exchange and create API keys. After that, the entire process is automated by our bot. All funds remain in the client’s account – we only need permission to trade on the spot market. After determining the trading pair and initiating trading, the client can view the results on the bot’s trading platform –

About the Platform

Let’s start by familiarizing ourselves with the platform itself. By following the link, you’ll land on the homepage, where you can acquaint yourself with the primary data and metrics of our offering. To register or log in, use your Google account.

Create your personal account to assess our internal dashboard from within. Since we only charge based on bot performance, until there are results, it’s absolutely free for users.

The main page of the internal dashboard directly depends on whether the client already has a bot connected or not. If it’s connected, you’ll see statistical data of its performance in the form of a bar chart and be able to view detailed data on each trading pair, trading period, and more. If no bot is connected yet, the statistics field will remain empty until the client connects the first bot.

To do this, on any page of the internal dashboard, click on “connect a new bot” to navigate to the connection page. 

However, we recommend contacting the Burvix Traders support service before connecting a bot to coordinate the launch strategy, amount, ask questions, and get answers to any queries. Nevertheless, of course, you can submit a connection request without this.

About Bot Connection

On the bot connection page, in the first step, choose the expected annual profitability. Our strategies are adapted to generally yield this expected profit to the client over the course of a year. However, with increased expected profitability comes increased potential risk. More details on how we test strategies will be discussed in the second part of our material.

The second step involves selecting the trading pair for which this type of strategy exists. In the third step, choose the exchange that offers the selected trading pair from the options provided in the previous step. 

Here, we come to the entry of API keys. As mentioned earlier, one of the peculiarities of our work is that funds are constantly held in the client’s account, and we only require permission to trade. You can learn how to create API keys for bot connection in the Knowledge Base section, where a video tutorial is also available. If you have any questions at this stage, the support service is always available to help resolve them in both text and call formats.

After creating and entering the API keys into the appropriate fields, there will be an automatic verification of their correctness by the platform. There will also be an automatic check for the availability of funds in the account, with the current minimum amount to utilize the Burvix Traders bot being 10,000 USDT (or another stablecoin). If everything is done correctly, our traders will receive a signal and connect the bot within an hour. From this point, the bot starts working automatically, and the client is required to adhere to the rules, which we will discuss below.

Trading Rules

From the moment the bot is launched for trading, a certain amount of funds is allocated. If not otherwise agreed with customer support, the entire amount of the base tokens (chosen by the client during the bot connection stage) available in the client’s account is reserved for trading from the moment of launch. After the launch, changing the balance of the base token in the account is prohibited, as this could lead to a failure due to insufficient funds. To change the trading amount, a request must be made to customer support.

Additionally, we recommend refraining from using additional coins in the account that are traded by the bot. For example, if the bot trades in the TUSD/BTC pair, all funds deposited in TUSD are used for trading, and the BTC balance in the account should be zero. If you have BTC in your account before starting trading, we recommend transferring it to another wallet. If this is not possible, we recommend selecting another trading pair where the balance of the other asset in the account is zero. This model helps avoid misunderstandings regarding the client’s assets when invoices are issued. You can always view the amount and trading pair for which trading is launched on the main page of the internal dashboard.

Also, please note that exchange fees incurred during trading are borne by the client and are not considered in profit calculations. The amount of fees may depend on various factors, such as client status, commission level generated in previous periods, the presence of the exchange’s token in the account (e.g., BNB for Binance), or the use of trading pairs. We track exchange promotional campaigns and recommend that clients pay attention to trading pairs with zero or reduced fees. This issue can be discussed by contacting customer support before launching the bot. If there is no inquiry, we will start trading on the base token selected on the bot connection page.

Payment for Services at Burvix Traders

Payment for our services is made post facto, allowing us to work for the client in a win-win format, where we receive a reward only when the client earns. The commission for Burvix Traders is 30% of the net profit for the trading period, invoiced typically every two weeks.

For payment of our services, we accept payments in cryptocurrency to the wallet provided by us. After payment, the bots will be automatically restarted for the agreed-upon amount. Additionally, if you wish to use another payment method, please contact our support service and specify your preferred payment method, and we will find a convenient option for both parties.

All payment data is stored on the Burvix Traders portal in your personal account under the “Payments” section.

This was the first part of an extensive material about the Burvix Traders platform. In the second part, we will detail our methodology for creating strategies, trading risks for clients, discuss what to do when the market moves in a completely unpredictable direction, and also consider another important way to earn on our platform – the partner program.

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Updated Burvix Traders: What our platform offers

After two months since the publication of our last material about our trading product, Burvix Traders, continues to actively evolve and improve.

Along with the increasing functionality, the quality of our platform also grows, deserving special attention and detailed review.

About the bot 

As mentioned in our previous material, our traders have over 20 years of experience working on various financial exchanges. During this time, they have gained significant experience and developed their own approaches to trading. With the emergence and development of the cryptocurrency industry, they spent several years adapting their algorithms to the new markets, transitioning from manual to automated trading mode. This process took three years, but as a result, we have achieved the current level of stability and profitability.

A major focus of our work is stability. Therefore, our bots operate on the Microsoft Azure service, and our team of system administrators constantly monitors their uninterrupted operation 24 hours a day. Although failures beyond our control can occur, we have implemented an automatic bot restart function so that clients can be assured that their bots are operating in the markets seamlessly.

Another feature of our work is that the connection to a client’s exchange account is made via API. We do not require withdrawal permissions for trading, only permission to trade on the spot market. Therefore, the user can always be confident that their funds are safe and that no one except themselves has direct access to them.

About strategies

In our practice of using algorithmic trading, we pay special attention to developing strategies that ensure stable and profitable results in cryptocurrency markets. Since these markets are relatively young, the application of traditional analysis methods is not always effective. Technical indicators in our bot’s work are used solely as auxiliary tools for analyzing the number of iterations in a session. Instead, we actively utilize algorithms that have been developed and refined over the years.

The first step in developing strategies is conducting fundamental analysis of each token and considering its volatility and stability. The next stage involves simulating various trading strategies with different parameters using the Monte Carlo method. This quantitative approach allows us to find combinations of parameters that lead to the most optimal results.

The obtained basic settings undergo additional simulations using a genetic algorithm, which incrementally improves the efficiency of the strategy. For each token, we select individual parameters taking into account its characteristics and market conditions.

Our main criterion is the strategy’s effectiveness over a yearly range under any market conditions. To achieve this, we use testing with identical starting indicators for both long and short positions. This approach ensures the stability and profitability of our strategies in different market conditions.

It is worth noting that our strategies do not use high-risk instruments, as we operate exclusively in spot markets, avoiding the risk associated with derivatives. This means that our work does not involve liquidation points and other features characteristic of high-risk instruments. Preserving the funds of our clients is our priority.

About the user dashboard

Our platform,, has become a key intermediary in the use of Burvix Traders bots for our users. It first appeared in January 2024 and has since undergone significant changes aimed at improving convenience and clarity. Registration on the platform is done using a Google account, after which a new bot can be connected by specifying the necessary settings.

For confidence in choosing a trading pair or setting up API keys, our experts are ready to provide consultations through the support service. However, detailed information about the permissions required for API keys and connection instructions can also be found in the relevant section of the website. After launching the bots, users can easily track their activity through various sections of the platform.

The “P’n’L” page shows the statistics of bot activity, the “Assets” section displays free assets on the client’s exchange balance, “Orders” provides the transaction history, and “Payments” shows the user’s payment history. Additionally, the “Notifications” section contains all messages sent within the dashboard.

We are constantly expanding the functionality of the platform. For example, we are currently working on creating a “Knowledge Base” section that will contain all the information about the operation of bots and the platform for the convenience of users.

About the conditions

We employ a results-oriented model to ensure that our clients pay only for the actual benefits received. Under this model, you pay only a portion of the profit generated by our bot during your trading activity. Our commission rate is 30% to best reflect this approach. We accept payment in the USDT stablecoin to provide you with convenience and simplicity in payment.

Special attention should be paid to our referral program. If a new user of our bot registers through your referral link, you will receive 10% of the total amount of all their paid invoices throughout the entire period of usage. Automatically accrued amounts will be paid out once per quarter.

Contact us now, and our experts will help you start your journey to financial success. We will advise you on how to get started, step by step, assist with the verification process, or registration on the exchange. Don’t waste time – your successful trading awaits you!

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter, not to be considered as a legal consultation. 

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Stablecoins – Role and Risks in the Cryptocurrency World

Stablecoins are significant elements in the cryptocurrency sphere, intended to reduce the volatility of digital assets and provide stability akin to traditional fiat currencies. In this article, we will explore the essence of stablecoins, their types, and their role in the financial system and cryptocurrency market.

As of 2024, we are witnessing significant developments in the regulatory landscape of cryptocurrencies. For instance, the impending Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation (MiCA) in Europe. Improvements in infrastructure and regulatory clarity will encourage more institutional participants to enter the market, making low-volatility tokens a future trend.

Types of Stablecoins

A stablecoin, by its essence, is a form of cryptocurrency designed to maintain price stability, avoiding the significant fluctuations typical of other cryptocurrencies. It is backed by real assets, such as fiat currencies (examples include tokens like USDT, TUSD, FDUSD) or commodities (tied to gold, like the PAXG token), which help preserve its stability. Each stablecoin has its own mechanics and mechanisms to ensure the stability of its value.

It’s also worth mentioning a specific type of stablecoin – those pegged to the price of a fiat currency but backed by cryptocurrency assets. In this case, the peg to the price is maintained by an arbitrage algorithm, which keeps the stablecoin’s price at the fiat level. One example of such a token is DAI, utilized in decentralized networks.

The general essence of stablecoins is clear – in the conditions of high volatility in the cryptocurrency market, stablecoins are designed to preserve stability and predictability of price compared to traditional fiat currencies. Therefore, stablecoins are used in trading, where the token being traded is paired with another cryptocurrency.

Currency Fluctuations

However, it should be noted that a stablecoin, like any other cryptocurrency, is subject to risks. Even the world’s most popular stablecoin, USDT, has occasionally lost its peg to the dollar during 2023. For example, in July of the previous year, its value decreased by 0.3%. Similarly, less popular tokens like FDUSD and TUSD are also susceptible to fluctuations. 

For instance, TrueUSD faced issues with disclosing its reserves at the beginning of 2024, leading to a drop in its value by more than 1% compared to USDT. Although the TrueUSD company announced a complete overhaul of its auditing system a few days later, its value relative to USDT never reached parity. This illustrates how users’ trust in a specific token directly impacts its worth.

In addition to fundamental analysis, the Burvix Traders project recommends paying attention to the fees set on exchanges at the moment when choosing a stablecoin for trading, provided there are no fundamental reasons to change this approach. On major exchanges like Binance, there are often offers for free trading in specific pairs, particularly with BTC or ETH. This can significantly reduce costs, especially for high-frequency trading and long-term planning.


Therefore, stablecoins maintain their significant status in the cryptocurrency sphere, offering stability and predictability in value amidst high volatility. The development of the regulatory environment and improvements in infrastructure contribute to increased usage, particularly among institutional market participants. Despite certain risks such as price fluctuations and regulatory changes, stablecoins continue to play a vital role in the cryptocurrency landscape, providing stability and reliability for users of other digital assets.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter, not to be considered as a legal consultation. 

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The Importance of Analysis in Trading

In day trading, understanding market patterns is crucial for success, but equally important is the proper use of psychological strategies and emotion management methods.

In one of our previous articles, we discussed emotional stability as a critical element, highlighting the importance of maintaining a journal of performance and success. However, alongside journaling, another significant aspect for effective analysis and adjustment of personal strategies in day trading is summarizing outcomes after specific trading periods. These summaries help establish certain checkpoints for better comprehension of strategy effectiveness and adjustments to enhance performance.

Creating a Template

Firstly, determine the frequency of conducting such analyses. They should not be too frequent. A short trading period may not be indicative. So-called losing streaks can last for several consecutive days, and basing conclusions solely on them is not advisable. From personal experience, such analysis should be conducted monthly, no more frequently.

Once the frequency is established, determine the reporting format and the points it should include. Create a template for a comparative assessment and characterization to be conducted monthly. Of course, it should include basic data – the amount traded, total P&L (profit and loss), and their percentage ratio. For accuracy, it’s better to calculate P&L statistics by “downloading” a statistical file from the exchange you trade on – this option is available on the vast majority of them.

What to Focus on

After obtaining accurate overall statistics, sort the results by traded pairs. Conduct an analysis to identify which pairs yielded better results and which ones did not meet expectations. Based on this, make adjustments to your trading strategies.

Analyze your mistakes, determine which actions led to the majority of profits, and which ones resulted in losses. Evaluate your behavior during these instances – whether your chosen strategy was strictly adhered to. If not, consider obvious changes and think about adjustments to improve your results.

Calculate the total amount of paid commissions and assess them in relation to your profits. Optimizing this parameter can be a significant factor for making changes in your work – such as altering the frequency of market entry or exit. Perhaps it’s time to explore offers from exchange competitors that offer better commission conditions. Alternatively, pay attention to pairs that have promotional offers or reduced commissions on your chosen exchange.

As a separate point, analyze your emotional state during the trading period. Evaluate it on a ten-point scale and determine where the weak points were during the period, and where the strengths were. To recall the details of the month (if this period is chosen for summarizing), don’t forget to keep a journal and record your daily impressions and experiences.

The key thing to remember when making these records is to be crystal clear and honest with yourself. An objective assessment of the situation will help you make the right decisions and optimize your trading strategies and skills to achieve greater profitability in the future.

Algorithmic Trading – Automated Analysis

When it comes to algorithmic trading, statistics are typically provided on each platform that offers such services. Specifically, in our Burvix traders product on the platform, users can access all data for each trading pair – trading time, realized and unrealized profit and loss (P’n’L), as well as all executed deals over a specified period. This is precisely one of the advantages of algorithmic platforms, whereas manual trading requires these tasks to be performed manually. And, of course, one should not forget about the factor absent in algorithms – one’s own psychological resilience during trading.

Summing it up

In conclusion, the work of a trader is a journey of continual self-improvement. By embracing both automated analysis and mindful self-reflection, traders can cultivate the discipline and insight needed to navigate the complexities of the market effectively.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter, not to be considered as a legal consultation. 

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Psychology in Cryptocurrency Day Trading

In the realm of cryptocurrency trading, decisions are shaped not only by data analysis but also by the influence of psychological resilience.

Traders, especially day traders, who do not employ automated trading strategies, constantly encounter challenges that can affect their decision-making and performance. Let's analyze key psychological aspects of trading, highlighting potential difficulties and ways to overcome them.

Fundamental Mistakes

The primary challenge every trader faces is the experience of tilt. Originating from the world of poker, tilt refers to a state of mental or emotional distress or disappointment that leads a player to adopt suboptimal strategies, usually resulting in excessive aggression. From a practical standpoint, tilt is a consequence of sharp negative market developments and an attempt to quickly recover lost funds through actions not within the trading plan.

Another equally perilous aspect in terms of decision-making errors is the well-known Fear of Missing Out (FOMO). After observing the market for an extended period, a trader develops a symbiotic relationship with it, feeling attuned to its movements and direction. In an effort to maximize gains, a trader might enter positions with excessive amounts, violating proper risk management. It is crucial to understand that each market situation at a specific point in time is unique. Predicting future market movements based solely on past behavior is not foolproof. Entering with excessive sums entails excessive risk, always.

A common mistake made by beginners on various trading platforms is using a deposit they cannot afford to lose or trading with “someone else’s” money. The risks are evident – excessive psychological pressure during unsuccessful days or a string of losses can induce tilt. A fundamental rule for novices is to operate only with a financial budget on the market that they can afford to lose without emotional consequences. Only in such a scenario can one accurately assess the effectiveness of a strategy and their emotional strength during market downturns.

Searching for Solutions

Every trader will inevitably face these challenges and more. Trading is not just a battle with the market; the main battleground is one’s own emotions, which need to be mastered. The first thing to understand is that failures in the market happen. Negative “red” days happen too, and not just days but entire periods. One cannot draw global conclusions about their competence in the markets or the ability to profit from them based solely on this. The minimum period of emotionally stable work after which conclusions can be drawn about the effectiveness of a strategy is one month.

In the case of tilt symptoms, it is crucial to cease trading at that moment. Simply understanding that any subsequent decision, other than stopping, will be considered incorrect and will lead to unpredictable results. Afterward, preferably after some time has passed, conduct a detailed analysis of the situation that triggered this moment – whether it was caused by an independent factor or resulted from an error. Establish a subsequent instruction for avoiding this situation.

Keeping a daily trading journal is highly advisable. It should cover both positive and negative days. Create so-called daily reports in the journal. Reviewing it at certain points in your trading career allows you to look at your trading from a different perspective and the height of your experience, making adjustments. It is also crucial during periods of failure. Reading reports on successful days makes it psychologically easy to shift focus to the idea that any failures are temporary.

As an alternative to manual day trading, one of the main aspects of which is a trader’s psychology, algorithmic trading comes into play. Represented by our product, Burvix Traders, it is defined as an ideal choice for those seeking an alternative to manual day trading. Our platform, ensuring 24/7 efficiency and absolute adherence to trading algorithms, is created to simplify and make the management of cryptocurrency assets more efficient.


Psychological resilience is an indispensable component of a successful trader. The balance between emotions and analytical ability makes decisions thoughtful and effective. It is crucial to remember that trading is a discipline that needs constant improvement, learning from both experienced and unsuccessful moments. Building a psychological foundation allows traders to avoid tilt, control emotions, and increase the likelihood of success in cryptocurrency markets.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter, not to be considered as a legal consultation. 

Our product – Burvix Traders platform

Burvix Traders is a trading platform that enables clients to profit on cryptocurrency exchanges through trading on spot markets.

At its core lies a highly efficient tool - an automated algorithmic trading bot. Every client can leverage the experience of our traders to gain profit from its operation.

The Burvix Traders platform streamlines the trading process, providing clients with the opportunity to easily connect their accounts and unlock the potential of automated strategies for effective capital growth. All that is required is to provide API keys and make a deposit.

Registration and Connection

After visiting our platform –, the first thing a client needs to do is to register or log in. Currently, we offer the option to log in through a Google account. After that, the client enters the internal office.

The functionality of the user’s internal back office depends on whether they already have bots running on our platform. For existing clients with active bots, they can view charts of their own active bots, their profitability, payments for invoices, and other essential information. For new clients without active bots, the task is to launch them.

To do this, it only takes a few steps – choose the expected profitability and strategy, select the exchange, and deposit funds to start trading. Then, using API keys, our bot will handle all the work – your funds will be on your account, where trading will take place.

At the time of writing this article, several strategies are available depending on the client’s expectations and assets. If the client has BTC or ETH in their account and aims to retain their quantity while gaining USDT profit, we have strategies for these tasks.

However, the main strategy and choice for clients are trading with a stablecoin as the main currency. By depositing USDT, the client can choose the expected profit and trading pair. When choosing a pair with one of the market leaders, such as USDT/BTC or USDT/ETH, the main goal is maximum caution in trading, as these pairs are low-volatility enough to guarantee stability in the unstable world of cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, if the client is focused on maximizing profit, they can turn to high-volatility pairs with altcoins.

Our Strategies

In the development of strategies, we employ two key methods: the Monte Carlo method and the genetic algorithm. When selecting a trading pair, we conduct simulations of strategies with various random parameters for each trading iteration using the Monte Carlo method. This quantitative approach allows us to identify combinations that lead to optimal results. The obtained base settings undergo additional simulations through the genetic algorithm, enabling incremental improvements in performance close to the base parameters.

This approach allows for the most precise tuning of parameters for each iteration, enhancing the profitability and reliability of the strategy. Considering that predicting all scenarios in cryptocurrency markets is impossible, this provides clients with the opportunity to tailor strategies that align with their unique needs and goals.

After choosing a strategy, depositing funds, and entering API keys, clients can submit a connection request. After verifying the accuracy of the entered data, the client receives notifications via email and the internal dashboard about the bot’s activation. They can monitor the bot’s performance through the Burvix Traders platform and the exchange’s internal dashboard, refraining from any manipulations that could affect the bot’s operation.

Win-Win Payment

The payment system of the Burvix Traders product is based on a results-oriented model. This means that Burvix Traders clients pay only for the actual benefits and profits received, not just for access to the trading platform. This ensures maximum transparency and motivation for the optimal use of automated strategies.

Such an approach creates a mutually beneficial partnership where the interests of the platform and the trader align. By providing only real results, Burvix Traders aims to maximize profits for its clients and determine the optimal path to shared success in financial markets.

The ultimate goal is to create a platform where every client can reliably and effectively increase their capital through automated trading strategies. We firmly believe that financial success should be accessible to everyone, and Burvix Traders is designed precisely to help clients achieve this goal. Our team of traders and developers is continuously working on refining and expanding the platform’s capabilities to provide our clients with the best tools for successful trading in financial markets.

Trading and Cheering: How Fan Tokens Have Altered the Dynamics Between Sports and Fans

In the era of cryptocurrencies, their influence permeates all aspects of our lives, with sports being no exception and perhaps one of the spheres where the interaction between fan communities and their clubs is best refined, thanks to the innovative concept of fan tokens.

These digital assets are reshaping the traditional perception of fans as passive spectators, transforming them into active participants within the ecosystems of their favorite projects. This piece aims to delve into the essence of fan tokens and the interaction of fans with their communities.

History and Essence of Platforms 

Speaking of fan tokens, it’s crucial to mention the leading player in the market – the product. Founded in 2018, it has released over 60 fan tokens for various sports categories, including football, basketball, and even esports. The primary blockchain platform they utilize is the Chiliz Blockchain, an Ethereum-based blockchain specifically designed for developing fan ecosystems and token issuance.

Interaction between fans and their favorite sports clubs happens as follows: users register on the platform and gain access to an internal dashboard, where they can purchase fan tokens of their beloved club. Subsequently, token holders participate in club activities—mostly symbolic. This could include voting on choosing a third kit for the season, voting for the best player of the match, or exchanging tokens for the club’s merchandise. Such an approach fosters a sense of community and makes fans more engaged in the events of their favorite clubs.

Apart from Socios, another platform that conducted a listing on its native contract was Binance. In this case, the listing took place not on the Chiliz contract but on Binance’s native BNB contract. The functionality remains unchanged from what Socios offers—clubs decide what bonuses they can offer token holders, and the listing company provides its platform and blockchain for this purpose.

Trading Specifics 

In general, fan tokens do not differ from regular cryptocurrencies, of which they are a subtype. Therefore, besides the emotional attachment, including financial commitment to a favorite club, fan tokens function as tradable assets on exchanges.

One crucial aspect to consider when trading is the market capitalization of the chosen fan token. Compared not only to market whales but even to the vast number of altcoins, the overall supply of tokens, even for prominent football clubs like Juventus or Barcelona, is relatively low. This contributes to significant price volatility and limits the amount one can comfortably trade without becoming a market mover for the token. Thus, it’s recommended to trade this asset with modest sums.

Within our trading product “Burvix Traders,” we’ve developed and tested strategies for several tokens, including JUV, ATM, ASR, OG. All of them demonstrated consistent profitability over the historical period of 2023, hovering around 100%. We recommend trading with a maximum sum of $1000, divided into several iterations to minimize the impact on the market. It’s crucial to consider the risks, as this type of asset is not stable for long-term investments. The main concept revolves around supporting a favorite club and engaging in its activities. Nevertheless, this market situation doesn’t hinder the combination of pleasure with utility: cheering for a beloved club and simultaneously earning profit from trading its fan token.

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Algorithmic trading bots versus manual trading – which is better?

In the trading world, automated algorithmic trading is becoming an integral part of processes. The world of cryptocurrencies is of course no exception.

Most of the world's leading stock exchanges have integrated internal bots into their own systems. Many third-party services offer their own bot designers or trading bots for connecting to any of the existing exchanges. Algorithmic trading has ceased to be a novelty, and has become a powerful tool integrated into the everyday life of traders.

Advantages of algorithmic trading

The main advantage of automated bots is obvious – these bots separate trading from the emotional influence of the trader. Operations are performed according to the specified algorithms, without the slightest influence of the human factor – indecision or emotional reactions to market fluctuations. This lack of emotions becomes a reliable barrier against the occurrence of FOMO (Fear of missing out). This allows traders to make decisions more objectively and strategically, based on calculations and analysis, and not on emotions.

The second key advantage is the speed and accuracy of the reaction. Automated bots instantly analyze the data stream, taking into account all aspects embedded in its algorithms. This speed of reaction allows you to open and exit positions in time, responding to market changes.

Also among the advantages should be included the possibility of automatic management of risks and monetary capital. Algorithms set stop-loss parameters that are optimal for the chosen strategy. This avoids exceeding financial limits and ensures effective risk management.

In addition, automated bots allow traders to test and optimize their strategies on historical data. By conducting back-tests of trading algorithms over long periods, a trader can assess the strength of a given strategy and its chances of survival in real conditions.


The disadvantages of algorithmic trading are actually derived from the advantages. Almost every point can be interpreted in its own way. An automated bot works exclusively on given algorithms, and does not have the flexibility that the human factor can provide. Thus, they may be ineffective in situations that require adaptation to changes that have occurred in the market.

You should also take into account what was said in the materials about technical analysis. Any market behavior in the past does not guarantee its repetition in the future. Thus, the backtest, which significantly increases the strength of the strategy in various conditions, is still not a 100% guarantee of a positive result in the future

Well, another minus is, of course, the technical side. There are various unforeseen or force majeure circumstances that can cause the bot to lose communication with the exchange or a technical error of the bot that can lead to losses. And although the current offers on the market are quite reliable, this risk factor must be taken into account when choosing an automated bot.

Instead of a conclusion

When building your own automated trading bot, we recommend putting the main emphasis on backtesting on historical data. Carefully check how the test strategy will perform under various conditions. The best strategy is a universal one that will withstand and give profit in any market behavior – both falling and growing. . For example, in the Manimama trading product, we carefully backtest each trading strategy based on the last three years of data. And although even this does not provide an unequivocal guarantee of a positive result, it significantly reduces the risk factor of losing one’s own funds. And as you know, the protection of one’s own assets is one of the main factors of investment, especially in such a not yet fully explored and unknown cryptocurrency world.

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Altcoin season – how to recognize and earn

As practice and experience show, in the world of cryptocurrencies, the search for the concept of stability is an ineffective activity.

The relatively young market for investments shows significant volatility and poor predictability in the long-term format.

This is relevant even when we are talking about the main locomotive of the cryptocurrency market, which is BTC. Compared to this, smaller coins, which number in the hundreds on cryptocurrency exchanges, show even lower predictability. However, this does not repel, and often even attracts gold-seeking traders.

It is such cryptocurrencies that are able to show insane growth by multiplying the trader’s investment in a geometric progression, realizing the expression “To the moon” familiar in this field. However, it is obvious that the risks of such investments are comparable, and even exceed the potential profitability.

Prerequisites and recognition tools

The season of altcoins, or simply “alt season”, is a market cycle in which the price of a significant number of cryptoassets, which are different from BTC, have better growth indices than the above currency. The occurrence of such periods, which occur regularly in the markets, does not have clear prerequisites, and often begins unexpectedly. However, as a certain regularity, experts say this – after a period of active growth of BTC or ETH, a lull is formed in the markets. During it, investors who made money from the previous trend continue to look for investment tools – pay attention to smaller cryptocurrencies, and feed them by adding them to their own portfolio. In fact, this causes an avalanche effect – the liquidity of the markets increases, the general interest in the markets increases, which again leads to the appearance of new investors and an increase in the value of the asset.

To determine the onset of the season, there is even a certain index called “Altcoin Season Index”. The mathematics of its definition is simple – from the total number of TOP-50 most popular and capitalized alcoins (including ETH), those that gave a higher increase than in BTC are determined. For example, if the altcoin season index shows a value of 50%, it means that exactly half of the 50 altcoins (25) have shown better growth than BTC. If the index reaches 75% or higher, the beginning of the high season can be stated. In the case of a drop to 25% and below – the season of bitcoin and mistrust of altcoins.

Trade without losing head

It is unimportant to state the beginning of such a season and the fact of its triviality – if you work with altcoins, you may be treated with special care. First of all, we need to segregate them behind capitalization and trust. It is not possible to equate mental ETH with a fan token, although it would be offensive and formally refer to the concept of an altcoin. This basic fundamental analysis of a coin, which we talked about in one of the previous materials (View: Manimama Exchange experts: about fundamental analysis in cryptocurrency trading), can be used to assess the basis on which it is valued, and at the same time, the confidence for investment.

In addition, even in the period of altcoins, when mathematically there are significantly higher chances of making a profit, when investing, as well as when trading, one should follow the main rule – diversification of risks. For each coin in the portfolio, use the amount that you are morally ready to part with in case the market goes wrong. Situations in the markets are unpredictable, and the end of the long-awaited season can come abruptly, and with it the devaluation of the portfolio.

In the trading product from Manimama exchange, we also offer to add an altcoin to the trading portfolio to increase the return on investment. However, we adhere to clear rules:

  1. The coin should be in high positions in the ranking of capitalizations of altcoins
  2. A proven strategy on historical data backtests on a one-year and three-year period should give a positive result with returns several times higher than BTC and ETH (risk factor compensation)
  3. Investment in altcoin is not more than 5% of the total trading capital. Vigilance in our work and protection of our clients’ investments remains our key priority.


The season of altcoins is a market cycle when the profitability of alternative coins significantly exceeds the profitability of investments in the main instrument of the cryptocurrency world – BTC. It can be tracked with the help of special indicators, and the onset is characterized by greater confidence of traders in alternative tools. And although the temptation to get extra profits is high, and such a period requires strict risk management rules to be followed to avoid an unwanted, and often fatal, effect on an investment or trading portfolio.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter, not to be considered as a legal consultation.

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