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We are delighted to welcome you to the webpage dedicated to the AML/CFT services provided by Manimama. In today’s world, where financial risks and threats are becoming increasingly complex, ensuring the security and reliability of financial operations is critically important. We in Manimama specialize in providing high-quality services in combating money laundering (AML) and the financing of terrorism (CFT), helping clients to comply with regulatory requirements, minimise risk and raise understanding of AML/CFT among the client’s employees.

As leaders in compliance and regulatory oversight of financial transactions, we strive to ensure our clients not only meet all requirements but also create a secure financial environment for long-term success and prosperity.

Please note that it is not possible to view the contents of all services. Services where it is possible to review their content on our website will be accompanied by a “Learn more” button. For other services, please contact us directly to get more information about them. We are actively working to make our services transparent and available for public view

Our Services


AML Officer Recruitment

Search for AML officers for your needs (study of AML officers' CVs, conducting interviews with AML officers, selection of the best candidates for the client's request, assistance in registration of AML officers - drafting of employment contracts and accompanying documents, registration of AML officers with the relevant authorities, if necessary). Currently we serve Lithuania, Poland, Canada, we can explore new markets at the client's request.


AML/CFT Documentation Kits

We offer comprehensive AML/CFT documentation kits tailored to meet the regulatory requirements for all obligated entities. Choose from three package options - Premium, Standard, and Essential. We have experience in many jurisdictions, namely: all EU countries, Canada, United Kingdom, BVI, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, South Korea. At the client’s request, we can create documents for other jurisdictions.


Audit Services

Audit of documentation for compliance with legislation and international AML/CFT standards, audit of compliance with international sanctions, audit of KYC systems, audit of transaction monitoring systems. Based on the results of each audit - a conclusion with proposals to eliminate problems.


Development of Individual Documentation

If you do not need a package documentation, you know what document or group of documents you need for your business - we can create a separate document for your request.


Sanctions Compliance

Receive expert consultations on sanctions compliance, risk assessment of business operations and clients, formulation of sanctions compliance policies, and implementation of specialized software and hardware for automated sanction screening.

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Legal Opinion about AML/CFT Services

Ganna Voievodina

Manimama, CEO

“Criminals are getting smarter. Protect your business and your clients with our comprehensive AML/CFT services. We’ll help you identify red flags, implement robust compliance systems, and stay ahead of evolving regulations. Invest in peace of mind – contact us now”.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are AML and CFT?
    AML (Anti-Money Laundering) is the process of preventing money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism. CFT (Counter Financing of Terrorism) involves measures to prevent funds from being used to support terrorist activities.
  • Who needs AML/CFT services?
    Businesses such as banks, money service businesses, casinos, cryptocurrency exchanges, real estate agents, and dealers in high-value goods are among those typically required to comply with AML/CFT regulations.
  • Can you make a call to determine if my business falls under AML requirements?
    Yes, we can schedule a consultation call to assess your business operations and determine if they fall under AML/CFT regulatory requirements.
  • How do AML/CFT regulations affect my business operations?
    AML/CFT regulations may require your business to implement customer due diligence procedures, conduct risk assessments, report suspicious activities, and maintain records, among other compliance measures.
  • What are the consequences of non-compliance with AML/CFT regulations?
    Non-compliance with AML/CFT regulations can result in severe penalties, fines, reputational damage, loss of business opportunities, and legal liabilities for businesses and individuals.
  • How can your services benefit my business?
    Our services help businesses comply with regulatory requirements, mitigate financial crime risks, protect against reputational damage, and maintain the integrity of their operations.
  • Are your AML/CFT services suitable for international businesses?
    Yes, our services are designed to meet the needs of international businesses operating in diverse regulatory environments.
  • How can I stay informed about changes in AML/CFT regulations and best practices?
    We provide regular updates and insights on changes in AML/CFT regulations and best practices through newsletters, webinars, and other communication channels.

Client Feedbacks

“Manimama OU helped me with updating set of AML policies what consequently helped e to open a banking account. I recommend that firm in AML”.

“Manimama OU created individual set of documents relevant for the LATAM market according to our request. That was a brilliant work”.

“Manimama OU provided us with the service of obtaining a licence in Lithuania. Their efficient and knowledgeable team made the process easy for our crypto exchange”

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