AML & Compliance

Anti Money Laundering (AML) requirements, counter-terrorist financing (CTF) regimes, know-your-customer (KYC) rules, Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR) obligations and reporting requirements are increasingly complicated and comprehensive. Our team helps payment institutions, broker firms, crypto exchanges, gambling websites, online casinos, money services businesses, and fintech companies—and their clients manage the requirements and challenges of AML compliance with comprehensive yet practical legal advice. We do our best to help our clients meet their legal and regulatory obligations while achieving their business goals.

In the evolving area of electronic transactions, blockchain and digital currency, we regularly provide legal and regulatory advice with respect to the development, implementation and enhancement of risk-based enterprise-wide anti-money laundering compliance programs, including drafting know your client and enhanced due diligence policies and procedures, as well as internal controls that are reasonably designed to ensure compliance with suspicious activity and currency transaction reporting, wire transfer and other recordkeeping requirements.

With a  proven experience of working with a number of fintech, and emerging technology sectors, services, and products, Manimama delivers insightful and comprehensive service, whether structuring a company or platform, developing new products, raising financing, or executing complex Market and Acquisition transactions. We keep pace with the continued growth and innovation in financial services, payments, and cross-border transactions, always guiding our clients through the necessary compliance with both local and international laws to fit within our client’s broader legal and business needs. 

We can provide the following services:

  • Evaluate and enhance existing AML, CTF and economic sanctions policies, procedures, and internal controls consistent with regulatory expectations and industry best practices
  • Furnish legal advice in connection with risk-based procedures such as KYC and enhanced due diligence of customers, financial counterparties, and other business venture partners
  • Confront enforcement challenges in the administrative or law enforcement context
  • Conducting AML compliance/risk assessments and audits
  • Outsourcing AML officers and training on regulatory requirements
  • Transaction counseling on AML risks
  • Creating efficient structures and transactions that comply with regulatory requirements in connection with implementing or enhancing AML-compliant internal controls.